With our vast experience in manufacturing oil tanks, at H. H. Pedder & Son, we have learnt to identify if there is a fault. The life span of an oil tank is approximately 20 years, but some may need replacing before this time. There are a number of tell tale signs that indicate that your oil tank needs replacing.

H. H. Pedder & Son offer a free no obligation inspection survey to customers within a ten mile radius of our base in Garstang, near Preston in Lancashire.


Our oil tank inspections will take approximately five minutes. From this, we will be able to determine if your tank needs replacing. These inspections are offered during normal working hours.

Common signs your oil tank may need to be replaced

  • Your tank is over 10 years old
  • There is a smell of oil in the proximity of the oil tank
  • There are dark patches on the oil tank itself
  • There are dark patches on the floor below the tank

To arrange a free inspection survey, please call us on 01995 603224 or complete our online enquiry form for a fast response.

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